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Bread & Sugar

Bread & Sugar
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Code: THSP-79443
Author: Joan O'Neill

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  • Licking the sugar from the sides of his mouth John said, 'This is lovely.'
  • Mrs Quinn shrugged. 'It's only bread and sugar.'
  • 'I've never eaten it before.'
  • 'You're joking,' Anthony called over. 'Everybody eats bread and sugar.'
  • It is 1948 and nine year-old John Doyle is settling into life at his grandparents' Dublin boarding house.
  • Shy and lonely at first, John is soon drawn out of his shell by the spirited Anthony Quinn and his sister Patsy.
  • But John still longs for his father, who has been missing in action for years.
  • Will he ever return to find his family?

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