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Code: THSP-79521
Author: Mary Steele

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  • The car reached the gate, bumped across the cattle grid and turned into the road towards them.
  • As it drew closer, Jeff recognised it. 'Heck, it's the police car!' he shouted. 'Now what?'
  • Tenterhooks tells the story of Jasmine, who is sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in the country while her Mum has a baby.
  • Jasmine's very irritated of being left out and finds it hard to cope with country life, her grumpy cousin Jeff, and the big drought means she can't even have a decent shower.
  • Then she and Jeff meet a rather unusual couple who are having a baby of their own and as the birth of both babies comes closer, the children learn the real meaning of being in Tenterhooks.
  • Rarely has the subject of childbirth been so entertainingly and deftly presented.

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