A Place to Scream

A Place to Scream
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  • 'Come and join us! Scream as much as you like, and your brain's your own…'
  • It is the year 2015. Old people are dumped on motorways, teenage beggars crowd the street and unemployment is a way of life.
  • So why does sixteen-year-old Gillian, lucky enough to have a job, feel like she needs a soundproof box—a place to scream?
  • Then she meets Rick—unconventional, ponytailed Rick—and dares to hope that there might be an alternative.
  • Every instinct urges Gillian to pack her bags and go with Rick. But she faces a terrible dilemma.
  • Leaving would mean saying goodbye to Gramps, her much-loved grandfather who needs her so very much...

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