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The Shining Mark

The Shining Mark
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Code: THSP-79678
Author: Anne Schraff

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  • Last year, Tony's best friend was shot and killed. Now Tony faces the possibility of another tragic loss.
  • 'There's Soroya's sister now', Andre said.
  • Tony's eyes flew open. 'Denique!' he almost shouted. 'How is she?'
  • Denique Curtis is two years older than Soroya. She attended high school. Her usually calm face was now twisted with pain.
  • 'She's still unconscious, Tony. They're afraid she's slipped into a coma. They're taking a CAT scan now to see if there's bleeding in the brain. It there is, then they'll operate to stop the pressure.'
  • 'But she'll make it', Tony said. 'She'll be okay, right, Denique?'

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