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The call of the Wild and White Fang

The call of the Wild and White Fang
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Code: THSP-79830
Author: Jack London

Product Information

  • Jack London's two greatest novels, The Call of the Wild and White Fang - are here complied into one volume.
  • The Call of the Wild centres on Buck, a dog bred for a life of ease on a California estate, who is kidnapped and sold to Klondike gold hunters.
  • To survive the biting cold and his ruthless masters, Buck must listen to the Call and learn the ways of his wolf-ancestors, who guide him from within.
  • White Fang tells the story of a half-wolf, half-dog nearly destroyed by the vicious cruelty of mankind. Brought to the very brink of his existence, White Fang is lucky enough to experience the one thing that can save him - human love.
  • Slowly, the ferocious White Fang grows into a creature capable of selfless bravery, undying loyalty and affection.

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