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One Day George - A musical for Kids

One Day George - A musical for Kids
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  • George Papadopoulus is the son of a migrant family. He is not accepted by the 'in' group at school and as the Christmas holidays have arrived, George is faced with the usual boredom of sitting alone at home watching television.
  • As well as calling him, Porgy, the children at school make fun of the fact that George is not going anywhere special for the Christmas holidays.
  • It appears to George that his parents are always working which explains why his dream of travelling to exotic places around the world has not been realized.
  • With the help of his mother and a group of informed travel agents, George discovers that Australia has an amazing number of things for him to see and do.
  • Despite his new found pride in Australia, his Christmas wish is to make a snowman in his backyard on Christmas Day. While he accepts that this may not be possible, it is soon forgotten as George remembers that school's out and it's time to party!

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