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Gordon Matthews - An Australia Son

Gordon Matthews - An Australia Son
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  • Gordon Matthews was a boy who never belonged.
  • Adopted at birth, he grew up in the 1950s in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne. While he had every comfort, colour set Gordon apart and he had no answers to the crucial questions of who he was and where he came from.
  • Through an extraordinary chain of circumstances, Gordon came to believe he was of Aboriginal descent. It was the turning point in his life.
  • Passionately, Gordon formally embraced his new identity and acquired a profile in the diplomatic service.
  • He also became the proud spokesman for his race; he also decided to look for his natural parents.
  • Armed with a few snippets of information—his mother was Anglo-Saxon and unmarried, and had travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to have her child—he embarked on a remarkable search.
  • That search would ultimately take him around the world, and shatter his dream.

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