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Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies - Book E

Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies - Book E
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  • The CARS program uses reading strategies to increase comprehension.
  • It is designed to identify the level of mastery in each reading strategy and then provides practice activities.
  • Each lesson includes a reading passage (from a variety of different writing forms) followed by questions.
  • The booklet includes notes explaining each strategy, self-assessment and teacher assessment pages.

Activities cover 12 reading strategies including:

  • Finding the Main Idea
  • Recalling Facts and Details
  • Understanding Sequence
  • Recognising Cause and Effect
  • Making Predictions
  • Finding Word Meaning in Context
  • Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences
  • Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion
  • Identifying Author's Purpose
  • Interpreting Figurative Language
  • Summarising

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Ideal for Middle and Upper Primary

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