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The Year of Living Dangerously

The Year of Living Dangerously
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Code: THSP-80888
Author: Christopher Koch

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  • Jakarta 1965. Waiting for explosions, the city smells of frangipani, kretek cigarettes, and fear.
  • It is the year of living dangerously.
  • The charismatic god-king Sukarno has bought Indonesia to the edge of chaos - to an abortive revolution that will leave half a million dead.
  • For the western correspondents here, their gathering apocalypse is their story and their drug, while the sufferings of the Indonesian people are scarcely real, a shadow play.
  • Working at the eye of the storm are television correspondent Guy Hamilton and his eccentric dwarf cameraman Billy Kwan.
  • In Kwan's secret fantasy life both Sukarno and Hamilton are heroes.
  • But his heroes betray him, and Billy is driven to desperate action.
  • as the Indonesian shadow play erupts into terrible reality, a complex personal tragedy of love, obsession and betrayal comes to its climax.

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