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Australian Society and Environment - Year 3

Australian Society and Environment - Year 3
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Product Information

  • This book provides students with a structured approach to learning about Society and Environment.
  • The book covers historical and contemporary topics to give students a broad understanding of history and culture.

In this book your child will find:

  • Information and activities to help students in all Australian states studying HSIE or SOSE subjects
  • Four main strands of study (Change, Culture, Environment and Systems & Structures) which are divided into smaller, manageable units of study
  • A range of reading, writing, comprehension and interpretation tasks for each unit
  • Source materials such as maps, photographs, diagrams and website references to help students understand key historical and cultural concepts
  • Independent research tasks to improve research skills
  • Answers to all questions

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged. Only while stock lasts.

Ideal for Year 3

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