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The Home-School Connection

The Home-School Connection
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Product Information

  • The Home-School Connection shows how schools can use and develop parents' expertise and interests to add to the school curriculum a richness and variety that nurtures children's learning.
  • When both groups work together, listen to each other and make use of the variety of learning experiences available in the school, the home and the community, the academic achievement of children is enhanced and a new and lively working relationship between home and school is created.

The book presents:

  • guidelines
  • strategies
  • case studies
  • a structured but flexible discussion program for school and community.
  • Individual classroom teachers may use the ideas and strategies to take small steps to increase parental involvement in their programs, or they may decide to initiate a full discussion and training program for parents.
  • The material can also form the basis of a whole school program.

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