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Physics - The Forces of Life

Physics - The Forces of Life
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  • Physics - The Force of Life is a comprehensive course book for senior secondary physics students.
  • The book covers all core topics and some of the more popular electives: Motion, Forces, Mechanical interactions, Electrical interactions, Waves, Electromagnetism, Nuclear physics, Rotation and Wave properties of light.
  • Each chapter features the following:
  • a set of clearly stated objectives relating to skills and understandings to be achieved by the end of the chapter
  • problem-solving and review style questions consolidating students' learning of the terms and concepts involved in the study of physics
  • examination style questions
  • step-by-step explanations of problem-solving techniques
  • experiments and teacher demonstrations which illustrate and exemplify physics principles in a practical way.
  • A detailed index and answers to questions that require numerical answers are also provided.
  • The wide range of illustrative material helps to explain important facts and ideas, as well as the relevance of physics to the everyday world.

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