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Insight One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

Insight One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest
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Product Information

  • Insights is a Grades 6-12 literature program for average to above average students.
  • It is based upon a response-to-literature model that includes three types of general responses:
  • Prereading - the personal, imaginative response
  • Close reading - the analysis and interpretation response
  • Postreading - the evaluation response.

INSIGHT has three general objectives:

  • to provide a literature program based essentially on the interaction between a given work of literature and the student.
  • To promote skill and understanding in responding to literature as a life experience and art form.
  • To develop skill in recognizing and understanding the function of literary concepts and terms germane to particular literacy works.
  • INSIGHT therefore, requires students to use critical reading skills as they respond to the craft and content of a literary work.
  • Further INSIGHT gives students frequent opportunities to use writing skills in various writing modes.
  • In both cases, students will experience carefully structured lessons that develop divergent and convergent thinking skills.

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