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Learning Centre Activities Technology

Learning Centre Activities Technology
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  • Learning centres are a wonderful way to encourage independent learning, add creative reinforcement to more structured lessons, and allow students to work at a comfortable pace.
  • Learning centres may be an integral part of a unit of study or a reward for having completed the day's assignments.
  • Learning centres make it possible for teachers to be in more than one place at a time.
  • Teachers are able to work with groups of students while sending individual students or pairs to learning centres.
  • This book will supplement your good ideas with a potpourri of additional ideas which can be placed in the various learning centres.
  • In Technology Learning Centres a brief introduction is provided about using the Internet in your classroom.
  • Other sections include, Create your own advertisement - this lets students use a drawing program or word processing software to create an advertisement for a school event.
  • In writing good descriptions students will be able to create a character for a story.
  • The topics vary and a wonderful for students to learn more about Technology.

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Ideal for Years 3-6

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