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Discovering Science 3 Instant Lessons

Discovering Science 3 Instant Lessons
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Product Information

  • This book has been designed to support teachers of primary science.
  • The activities introduce students to a broad range of science concepts; they are fun, practical and encourage active involvement.
  • The photocopiable activity sheets include an equipment list, clear step-by-step instructions, safety advice and space for students to record their results and conclusions.
  • For each topic and activity sheet there are comprehensive supporting notes for the teacher, detailed preparation notes and safety advice.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of paper
  • Everyday use of paper
  • Using waste paper
  • Ways of changing paper
  • The human hand
  • Bones and joints of the hand
  • How hands move
  • fingerprints
  • magnetic attraction and repulsion
  • magnetic north and south
  • magnetic fields
  • Exploring balance with the human body
  • balance scales
  • Characteristics of soil
  • soil layers
  • using sampling methods to count plants
  • making observations and recordings of plants
  • varieties of plants
  • how plants grow
  • temperature variations
  • effects of wind.

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