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Add Value to your Science Knowledge - Book 2

Add Value to your Science Knowledge - Book 2
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  • This Add Value to your science knowledge series offers a range of units designed for value-added science learning.
  • The emphasis of each unit is on putting students in control of their own work as they move through a sequence of tasks to build the foundations they need for studying science at secondary school.
  • All units operate on the principle that students will benefit in the long term from a greater focus on learning to learn and a deeper involvement with specific topics, rather than a preoccupation with racing through 'content'.
  • By presenting knowledge in a range of different ways, they also support a variety of learning styles and reinforce learning without inducing boredom.
  • Each unit can stand alone or be incorporated with other work on the topic.
  • It begins with a non-threatening pre-test, which sets a baseline of what each student knows already, and concludes with a final test, which demonstrates the extent to which the student's knowledge has improved - the value added.
  • The activities in between provide the supporting materials that motivated students can use to achieve full marks in the final test.
  • This series is designed for year 9 students.

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Ideal for Year 9

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