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Zoobooks Sharing the World with Animals

Zoobooks Sharing the World with Animals
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  • Earth is a small and fragile world.
  • Does that surprise you?
  • Earth with its vast distances, is the only planet in the universe that is known to support life.
  • Why with all this life and space is Earth fragile?
  • It is because all of nature is connected - all living things depends on one another for survival.
  • When an animal species becomes extinct, it affects the other animals linked to it - its predators and its prey - and the balance of nature is disturbed.
  • When the environment or an ecosystem - is greatly altered in one part of the world, it affects other parts of the world.
  • That is why we must learn to share the world.
  • Use this resource as a starting point for a scientific exploration about these amazing animals or make it a shared reading experience as part of your literacy program.

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