Zoobooks Skunks & Their Relatives

Zoobooks Skunks & Their Relatives
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  • Skunks and their relatives make up a family of mammals known as the mustelids.
  • Besides skunks, this family includes weasels, ferrets, minks, martens, badgers, wolverines and otters.
  • People and other animals go out of their way to avoid skunks and most of the skunk's relatives.
  • That is because these animals have a secret weapon.
  • They produce a sticky, smelly liquid called musk.
  • A single squirt of musk is all it takes to keep most animals from bothering a mustelid.
  • There are 67 different kinds of mustelids.
  • Members of this diverse family occupy most habitats and can be found in all parts of the world except Antarctica and Australia.
  • Use this resource as a starting point for a scientific exploration about these amazing animals or make it a shared reading experience as part of your literacy program.

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