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The Inheritors

The Inheritors
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Code: THSP-81344
Author: Jill Donson

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  • Twenty-five years after the nuclear war, a community of survivors lives on beneath a protective dome.
  • Sixteen-year-old Claudia and her friends have grown up in a utilitarian society, guided strictly by a protective ideology.
  • Leaders in the Dome world consider the past as a corrupt and depraved era responsible for its own destruction.
  • Claudia's friends have never questioned their way of life, but Claudia herself is secretly curious about the mysterious old world.
  • When she and her friends meet the subversive Davina, Claudia becomes uneasy at her society's rigidity and its methods of thought control.
  • Soon, Claudia is torn between longing for the freedom of the old world and her responsibilities as a youth leader in the Dome.
  • When at last the ruthless Mentargh begins to suspect her of subversive thinking, she knows she must make a choice.

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