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Deadtime Stories - Revenge of the Goblins

Deadtime Stories - Revenge of the Goblins
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Code: THSP-81355
Author: A.G. Cascone

Product Information

  • Goblins, goblins, everywhere!
  • It's all Sammy's fault.
  • If only he and Nina hadn't been out in the woods after dark….
  • If only they hadn't seen that creepy old tree with the strange little door…
  • If only they hadn't gone inside…
  • If only they hadn't touched the glowing, humming orb....
  • And if only they hadn't taken it home...
  • But now it's way too late, because Nina and Sammy have opened the gates to the goblin world.
  • And there's no way to stop the monster madness that's about to begin...

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