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The Vandal Passages Series

The Vandal Passages Series
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  • Michelle has a jealous admirer - one who just might kill for affection.
  • His smile faded. 'But then I suppose something from me doesn't mean much huh? I bet if Sevier gave you a gift you'd love it."
  • 'Come on, Damon. Don't be ridiculous'.
  • You don't fool me. I see the way you look at him in class. Why does an old man like that turn you on?'
  • Michelle stared angrily at Damon. 'Don't be stupid. I like Mr Sevier but I like him as a teacher'.
  • She got on her bike. 'I have to get home now.'
  • Damon grabbed her wrist. 'Somebody shot at him last night, you know. You want to hang around somebody people shoot at? You might get shot, too, you know?'

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