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Strange Matter - Creature Features

Strange Matter - Creature Features
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Code: THSP-81378
Author: Marty M. Engle

Product Information

  • On the outskirts of town, the Fairfield Starlight Drive-In waits silently in the dark.
  • The giant screen is overgrown with vines, while rows of rusted speakers line the barren field like grave-markers.
  • Jonathan Drake and his friends visit the Starlight Drive-In.
  • They wander around the dark, overgrown field, remembering their favourite scenes from horror movies and reciting lines by heart.
  • Then Jon hears a strange noise, like a hiss and pop of an old movie.
  • They watch in shock as the speakers begin to shake and a beam of light leaps from the projection booth onto the screen.
  • Jon and his friends are about to make their scream debut in a special feature....a creature feature... and their roles are to die for.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged. Only while stock lasts.

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