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Strange Matter - The Weird, Weird West

Strange Matter - The Weird, Weird West
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Code: THSP-81379
Author: Johnny Ray Barnes Jr.

Product Information

  • A monster is coming for Shane Reece.
  • An earthquake two hundred miles from Fairfield has unleashed something terrible - Clayton T. Motley, a zombie gunslinger looking for revenge.
  • Back in the mid-1800s, one of Shane's ancestors ran Motley out of Fairfield by putting a bullet in his hide.
  • A posse chased the fleeing bandit for weeks until Motley holed up in a cave, where he eventually succumbed to his gunshot wound.
  • The bullet inside him, however, was made out of something....strange.
  • Now, almost one hundred and fifty years later, the earthquake has freed the undead gunfighter from his rocky prison - and he wants revenge.
  • He's coming after the only Reece left in Fairfield - Shane.... and this town's not big enough for both of them.

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