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Please don't rubbish Australia

Please don't rubbish Australia
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Code: THSP-81382
Author: Rodney Bassetti

Product Information

  • This is the story of an Australian animal (A hairy nosed wombat) and his friends.
  • The book is for "Young" Australians.
  • What is a "Young" Australian?
  • Some Australians are young at 10 years and some Australians are young at 80, it depends on their attitude, their love of life and their love for the children from this wonderful country.
  • The book follows two of these children as they experience some of the changes to the animals and the insects that we humans are making to Australia.
  • This experience starts them thinking and actively taking an interest in how they as "Young" Australians can change their purchasing ways, to ensure that Australia is as beautiful a home for our grandchildren as it has been for us.

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