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Night of the Muttonbirds

Night of the Muttonbirds
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Code: THSP-81385
Author: Mary Small

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  • 'I can't do it", said Matthew.
  • Why did he feel like this?
  • He'd killed hundreds of birds without thinking before.
  • It was a job, nothing more.
  • Yet now he felt like a murderer.
  • Matthew is a boy from Cape Barren, one of the isolated islands in Bass Strait where, every year, thousands of muttonbirds converge to breed.
  • In March the families of Cape Barren do what they have done for generations they go 'birding'.
  • When Matthew returns from boarding school he is forced to question his background.
  • At the same time a chance encounter with a conservationist, who has been banding birds on the island for years, brings him to a turning point in his life.

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