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A Strong Marriage

A Strong Marriage
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Author: Dr William Doherty

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  • 'Our needs are too different'
  • We've just grown apart'
  • 'Maybe we never really loved each other.'
  • Sentiments like these are expressed time and time again by once happy couples as they watch their marriage start to crumble around them.
  • Today's divorce epidemic is not an inevitable outgrowth of human change or the fickle nature of love.
  • Rather, it is the result of overwhelming and conflicting demands on our time, rampant consumerism, and the often-skewed emphasis we place on personal fulfilment.
  • Young couples who want to hold tight to happily-ever-after, and long-time spouses on the brink of a break-up, can fight back to restore a marriage worth saving - even when it seems too late.
  • This book shows how.

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