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Touched with Fire

Touched with Fire
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Code: THSP-81425
Author: Jack Hydes

Product Information

  • This anthology has two main objectives: to introduce students to a wide range of poetry in English from the last 400 years, and to provide them with guidance on how to approach poetry examinations.
  • The poems are divided into six collections, not by theme or by historical period, but as satisfying small anthologies of twenty-two poems each.
  • The selection ranges from the sixteenth century up to the 1980s, and the writing represents the great variety in poetry – light-hearted, passionate, serious and lyrical - which has been produced by English writers from all around the world.
  • The poems are without annotations so that teacher and student can come to the work together and enjoy what the editor calls in his introduction the 'advantage of the poem.... the pleasure gained from a shared experience'.
  • Following each of the six collections is a section intended to help students in their writing about poetry.
  • In this notoriously difficult area, clear guidance is given on what is expected in an essay for a poetry examination, and actual answers are reproduced which help the student analyse what kind of response gets good marks and why.

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