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Tapis Volant Workbook 2

Tapis Volant Workbook 2
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Code: THSP-81501
Author: J. Zimero & A. Chamberlain

Product Information

  • Tapis Volant is a fully integrated course in three stages written specifically for secondary school students learning French in Australia.

Tapis Volant -

  • gives an authentic context reflecting Australia's multicultural diversity
  • focuses on French as a language of the Pacific as well as an international language
  • incorporates modern communicative methodology: pair work, role-play, contextualised grammar exercises, task listening, reading texts and documents
  • emphasises production activities
  • has a functional focus, facilitating effective communication in French
  • offers a wide variety of activities to cater for mixed ability classrooms
  • has a flexible approach to grammar to suit individual student and teacher needs
  • includes cultural components at regular intervals throughout.

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