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The Sapphires The Screenplay

The Sapphires The Screenplay
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  • 1968 was the year the planet went haywire. All around the globe, there were riots and revolution in the streets.
  • There was the shock of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations. And dominating every other news story was Vietnam.
  • For four gorgeous young women from a remote Aboriginal mission, 1968 was the year that changed their lives forever.
  • Sisters Gail, Julie and Cynthia, together with their cousin Kay, are discovered by Dave, a down-on-his-luck Irish musician with attitude, a taste for Irish whiskey and an ear for Soul Music.
  • Dave steers the girls away from their Country and Western origins then flies them to the war-zones of South Vietnam, where they sing Soul Classics for the American Marines.
  • On tour in the Mekong Delta, the girls sing up a storm, dodge bullets.... and fall in love.

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