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Life Skills Series Grief, Illness and Other Issues

Life Skills Series Grief, Illness and Other Issues
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  • This resource is part of a four book series that provides teachers with practical ideas and strategies for working on valuable life skills in students.
  • This book deals with the sensitive issues of coping with grief and loss, serious illness, permanent injury and physical disability. It is an ideal resource for teachers who may have a terminally ill child in their class, or have a student with siblings suffering a terminal illness.
  • Other sections deal with emotions and outcomes as a result of having experienced a serious accident resulting in permanent physical disability.
  • Stories of inspiration have been included as well as stories that describe situations of loss and disability within families.
  • The book also provides opportunities for students to devise ways to help people who have suffered a loss or injury, through exploring the work of charity organisations.
  • Contains extensive background notes for teachers, parents and students. Many sections contain resource lists for multimedia, literature and general classroom resources.
  • Extension ideas are given where possible and all activities are linked to student outcomes.
  • Other books in this series: REP-072 Self Esteem and Values, REP-074 Bullying and Conflict, REP-075 Family Relationships.

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