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Dealing with Feeling - Book B

Dealing with Feeling - Book B
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Code: UF-363B
Author: Tina Rae
ISBN/EAN: 9781869680794

Product Information

  • This series aims to develop emotional awareness and understanding in students.
  • Each book contains 10 sections, with each section focusing on a specific feeling.
  • Feelings are introduced with a relevant, engaging story, followed by questions and activities.

This book is designed to enable students to:

  • indentify and understand their own and other's feelings
  • develop emotional vocabulary
  • increase empathy for others
  • develop self-control strategies and to look at ways to express feelings appropriately
  • understand consequences and become more reflective
  • improve self-concept

Book A looks at:

  • Feeling angry
  • Feeling sad
  • Feeling afraid
  • Feeling happy
  • Feeling surprised
  • Feeling loved
  • Feeling shocked
  • Feeling bored
  • Feeling jealous
  • Feeling ashamed

Book B looks at:

  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling greedy
  • Feeling nervous
  • Feeling disappointed
  • Feeling rejected
  • Feeling shy
  • Feeling arrogant
  • Feeling generous
  • Feeling selfish
  • Feeling intimidated

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