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Beating the Blues! - Book A Personal Blues

Beating the Blues! - Book A Personal Blues
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Code: UF-404A
Author: Hartley et al.
ISBN/EAN: 000000040402

Product Information

  • This series is underpinned by the idea that when students face emotionally difficult times, even when they are depressed and low, they can still do things for themselves.
  • These books focus on helping students take control and look for ways to solve their own problems through practical strategies, templates and tools.
  • School counsellors and other support staff will find invaluable sections of how to help individual students, or small groups that could benefit form frameworks for self-reflection.

Book A contains sections on:

  • Understanding Feelings
  • Having Self-Esteem
  • Feeling Depressed?
  • Thinking Positively
  • Feeling Stressed Out?
  • Feeling Anxious?
  • Get Relaxed

Book B contains sections on:

  • Facing Loss
  • When Parents Split
  • Step-Families
  • Making Friends
  • Bullying
  • Being Aggressive
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Steps to Problem-solving

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