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Excel Year 8 Mathematics Practice Tests

Excel Year 8 Mathematics Practice Tests
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Code: XECL-8008
Author: Lyn Baker
ISBN/EAN: 9781741256352

Product Information

  • Excel Year 8 Mathematics Practice Tests has been written to provide students with extensive test and exam practice at all levels in Year 8, in the topics they cover in class. In this way students will get the practice they need to be fully prepared to excel in their class tests and exams. This book covers all the topics in Year 8 Australian Curriculum Mathematics.
  • The following features will help students excel at their class tests and exams:
  • Each topic has a Pretest designed to identify any problems students might have with prior knowledge requirements for the course.

The Topic Tests all have three sections: Part A has multiple-choice questions, Part B has short-answer questions and Part C consists of questions that require some working.

  • There are different levels of difficulty in the Topic Tests: Level 1 tests are the easiest. They will determine whether a student has a basic understanding of the topic.
  • Level 2 tests are aimed at the average student. Those who do well in these tests will have a good grasp of the content of the topic.
  • Level 3 tests are the most challenging. They are aimed at above-average students and will determine whether they have a thorough knowledge of the content and are able to apply that knowledge.
  • Topics Tests can also be used as carefully graded exercises for revision.
  • Some tests have been designed as Non-calculator Tests, which will help determine students' ability to manipulate whole numbers, fractions and decimals - an integral part of Year 8 Mathematics.
  • Some tests in the number strand of the curriculum are specifically Calculator Allowed. This will make sure that students are familiar with the working and limitations of calculators.
  • For some topics there are separate tests for the individual components of the curriculum, plus a test that combines all those elements.
  • There are six Exams, each covering all the topics in the book. At each level there is an exam specifically designed to be done without a calculator and another that is Calculator Allowed.
  • Answers to all questions are provided at the back of the book.
Ideal for Year 8

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