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Hands Down
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Product Information

  • Increase learning time in your classroom. No More... Hands Up!
  • Hands Down is a clever traffic light system that operates like triage for the classroom. This enables teachers and students to prioritise questions.
  • Hands Down uses three coloured foam hands (green, orange and red), placed in the teachers 'line of sight'. The colours indicate if the student needs help immediately or if they can continue to work, and would like help when the teacher is ready.
  • This fantastic tool allows students to continue working while the teacher assists those who need the most help first. Reduce classroom disruptions.
  • How does a teacher quickly assess each students' level of understanding? Hands Down will provide instant feedback on the learning in your classroom.
  • Increase student learning time by prioritising questions in the classroom.
  • Ideal for special needs or technology classrooms.
  • Useful for any learning environment with students of all ages.
  • Product includes one stand and 3 hands that all fit on the stand.

“Handsdown is a great tool for any classroom. Great for time management, student engagement and improving teaching and learning time” Mark Richardson – ICT Coordinator. Williamstown Primary School.

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