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WOW! I Can Read Workbook - Stage 3

WOW! I Can Read Workbook - Stage 3
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ISBN/EAN: 9314289016982

Product Information

  • Children need to be able to recognise the sounds most commonly made in English when various vowels and or consonants are grouped together.
  • The letter groupings treated in Workbook Stage 3 are regarded as the most diffcult sound combinations to learn.
  • It is the automatic recognition of these "sounds" that help them become competent and fluent readers through their ability to decode new words.

The activities have been carefully selected to provide practice and revision to help achieve the following:

  • Understanding how groups of letters are used to represent the sounds of spoken language.
  • Continued development of word attack skills - the ability to analyse and read new words.
  • Continued increase in comprehension skills - following directions, classifying and understanding written text.
  • Continued extension of vocabulary.
  • Development of handwriting skills while studying phonics.

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