Australians All: Civics and Citizenship

Australians All: Civics and Citizenship
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Code: XPXP-0010
Author: Anne Vize
ISBN/EAN: 9781921454974

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Knowledge of Australia — its history, people and culture as well as its way of life and systems of citizenship and government — is a critical component of being an active and involved member of society.

  • Australians All helps teachers of upper primary students achieve this goal by providing challenging and thought-provoking learning opportunities.
  • The book entirely meets the requirements of the learning standards contained within the National Civics and Citizenship Statements of Learning document.
  • The book contains ten separate units of work, each focusing on a topic that is relevant to teach as part of a Civics and Citizenship lesson series.
  • Each unit contains four activities.
  • Teacher pages contain background information, useful web links, suggestions for small group discussion topics and activities to extend or develop individual learning.
  • The facing student pages contain introductory information, along with activities for students to complete, including research tasks.
  • The activities provide many opportunities for students to experience success with their learning about Australia, and to make a positive transition to being informed and active members of their local communities.
  • The book is an especially useful resource for students who are recent arrivals in Australia.
Ideal for Years 5-7

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