Using the Library 2

Using the Library 2
Incl. GST

Code: XPXP-1002
Author: R. Thomas & S. Sydenham
ISBN/EAN: 9781921085260

Product Information

  • Using the Library is a series of three books written for classroom teachers who are required to teach a library program.
  • It can be used to develop students' reading, library and study skills so that they become independent library users.

Each book has 7 sections:
  • the library resource centre
  • alphabetical order
  • books and book production
  • standard reference books
  • research skills
  • the internet
  • literature studies

This resource includes:
  • background information for teachers
  • introductory activities
  • full directions on how to conduct each activity
  • photocopiable student worksheets
  • extension activities for fast finishers

All books in the series:
  • XPXP-1001 Using the Library 1
  • XPXP-1002 Using the Library 2
  • XPXP-1003 Using the Library 3
Ideal for Middle Primary

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