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IT for Kids - Book 6

IT for Kids - Book 6
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Code: XPXP-2606
Author: J. Stewart & L. Cochrane
ISBN/EAN: 9781921454806

Product Information

  • A series covering all the primary school years, providing teachers and students with a whole school IT teaching and learning program.

The books address key IT skills in accordance with seven technology competencies:

  • computer operations
  • graphics
  • word processing
  • the internet
  • email
  • spreadsheets
  • multimedia
  • Each unit is comprised of activities that either introduce or reinforce a skill, and which can also act as a springboard for further lessons.
  • As student ability levels may differ significantly—affected by variables such as computer access, staff expertise and socioeconomic circumstances—the books can be used either prescriptively, as a grade-based program of teaching and learning activities, or flexibly by combining one or more books to provide remediation or extension as required.
Ideal for Years 6-7

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