Get Ready! Maths- Year 3

Get Ready! Maths- Year 3
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Code: XPXP-2831
Author: J. & J. Barwick
ISBN/EAN: 9781921613012

Product Information

  • Each book contains 40 ‘weekly workout’ sheets with 5 different activities, plus 10 generic activity sheets.
  • Activities are based on appropriate syllabus content, and develop numeracy and reasoning skills.
  • Engage learners in a positive and meaningful way prior to the start of major learning exercises.
  • ‘five-minute time-filler’ resources, suitable also as lesson breaks and to fill periods of time at the end of other lessons.
  • Provides ‘basic skills’ resources to support literacy and numeracy.
  • Provides ‘enrichment/brain food’ resources to support an enriched curriculum.
  • Acts as a ‘teacher's timesaver’ providing practical math classroom strategies.
  • A valuable resource for casual teachers and inexperienced teachers to help engage students.
  • The accompanying CD contains all the maths worksheets, plus answers to all activities.
Ideal for Year 3
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