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STEM Detectives
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Code: XPXP-8200
Author: Niki Buchan & Bronwyn Cron
ISBN/EAN: 9781925145304

Product Information

This book:

  • looks at where STEM can be found - early years settings, at school and at home
  • shows how to identify what STEM looks like in children's play
  • discusses the role of adults in supporting the development of STEM thinking
  • explores environments and resources to promote play that encourages engagement and creativity with STEM.
  • STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In the real world, however, these disciplines are inextricably connected and rarely exist independently. Therefore, it is useful to consider STEM as an integrated concept. In the real world, it is the exploration and investigation of how the world works, how we identify and solve problems creatively and how we develop and test ideas.


  • STEM Detectives is a practical photographic resource to encourage and guide educators to identify the STEM happening in children's play, as well as develop the skills and understanding to support and encourage a deeper level of exploration and discovery. It discusses why STEM is important and identifies the social, economic and environmental trends that will see STEM thinking become increasingly important in a changing world.

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