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The English Teacher's Handbook A to Z

The English Teacher's Handbook A to Z
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Code: XPXS-2990
Author: J. Manuel & D. Carter
ISBN/EAN: 9781921085949

Product Information

  • A practical companion and reference that incorporates the depth, scope and richness of theory, history and practice that shape excellence in teaching and learning in contemporary English classroom contexts.
  • This reference book provides teachers and pre-service teachers with a user-friendly, informative guide to the essential terminology distinctive to the subject.
  • Its consistent emphasis on practical classroom teaching and learning strategies grounds this book in the context of day-to-day professional practice.

Each entry is designed to provide succinct, applicable definitions and overviews of:
  • key terms
  • guiding principles
  • concepts
  • theories, models and approaches
  • major historical and philosophical influences, and
  • film, drama and visual literacy terms and concepts.

  • The entries serve as stepping-off points for further inquiry.
  • The book includes an abundance of recommendations for further reading and points teachers to valuable resources and research.
  • Written by experienced teachers, teacher educators, researchers, scholars and other experts in English education, this book will be an indispensible addition to every secondary school English teacher?s professional library.
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