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Code: XTE-421
Author: Sharon Lapkin
ISBN/EAN: 9781921349386

Product Information

  • This resource provides teachers with a range of learning activities and ideas to assist them in providing a quality program that engages all students.
  • 'Magnets' focuses on the use of magnets throughout space as well as the multitude of uses on earth. It addresses direct and indirect uses of magnets in every day life.
  • The activities in this resource are presented through a variety of mediums and deliberately focus on linking the different areas that share common characteristics.
  • It also explores magnets in many of their functions and presents them in an accessible format.
  • Students will gain knowledge, use their creative energy, think independently and develop curiosity as they work through the activities.
  • Throughout 'Magnets' students will learn to understand magnets as part of a magnificent scheme of the scientific world.
  • Suitable for Middle Primary Science.
Ideal for Middle Primary

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